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Manage your hotel’s listings for content parity

Hundreds of millions of travelers use the likes of Google, Facebook, Trivago or Tripadvisor to find accommodation online every day. In fact, 90% of all demand globally comes from those 4 sites alone. But content disparity – inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent information on the different directories – could be preventing your hotel from showing up at the top of any searches and damaging your credibility. As a property owner or manager, how often are you having to update your hotel content, across the various online directories where you are listed?

Show up where your guests are searching

FornovaHL (Hotel Listings) is a single, secure, centralized easy to use platform for managing your online profile, which ensures your hotel’s profile is consistent and rich, across Google Search, Google Maps, Trivago, Tripadvisor and Facebook – with many other business directories and data aggregators to be added over the coming months. For now, you can download your hotel profile from FornovaHL and use it on any platform that we haven’t integrated with yet.

Use a hospitality focused platform

FornovaHL is the first and only business profile and location data management solution specifically designed and built for the hospitality industry. It distributes your property’s NAP (name, address and phone number) and photos, and enables you to standardize and optimize your online presence and take control of your location marketing.It also allows you to take full advantage of all available category-specific profile features, e.g. to complete your amenities, customize their services, advertise activities, display health and safety measures or showcase enhanced cleaning protocols.

Gain more search traffic in less time

Accurate and optimized local citations are proven to rank very high in search engine results pages (SERP) as well as in maps, and are also picked up by other platforms; they drive web traffic, increase awareness and enquiries, and facilitate conversion. It can take many hours of concentrated effort to fill in all fields and update each online directory individually – especially if you are having to do it for multiple properties. Inaccurate listings can confuse or misdirect customers and negatively affect any business’s reputation, whereas each missing piece of information potentially represents another missed revenue opportunity.

Stand out on Google and Facebook

FornovaHL allows you to update your listing on Google My Business, including Google Maps, in real time thanks to our close partnership with Google and our world-class integration. You can also manage your hotel page on Facebook, and benefit from our connectivity to the largest social media platform in the world.

Pay nothing – it really is free forever!

As part of Fornova’s on-going commitment to supporting the hospitality industry’s recovery, FornovaHL is free to use forever for all independent hotels worldwide – and the same goes for the first hotel in any chain. If you are a chain or brand, please contact us and we can explain how you can use this service for all your hotels.